Batman: Arkham Asylum

imageI haven’t gotten very far into the game at all but it’s already promising to be amazing. It’s been a really long time since I’ve played through a campaign on a game. The last major game I played completely through was Saints Row: The Third, and that was about a year ago on my old PC. Since then there hasn’t been a game I’ve wanted to really play, other than multiplayers like Sins of a Solar Empire or Terraria. But here I am, playing a single player console game that I enjoy. And Batman at that (I’ve never liked Batman). Now remember this is sort of like a review, so there will be spoilers in here.

So the game so far is pretty good. You play as Batman and arrive at Arkham Asylum with The Joker, who needs to be locked away and treated for his insanity. You (Batman) feel as if something is wrong because The Joker was so easily caught. You follow the guards down to where The Joker will be locked away. You see a very short glimpse of a woman watching the security cameras. Of course it’s Harley Quinn. And well, as soon as Batman isn’t around The Joker gets free from the cart (not sure what to call it) he was locked up to.

This first part in the asylum is like a tutorial, without all the usual “go here” or “do this” crap. They tell you what buttons to use but never tell you exactly how to find your way around. I really love that to be honest. It’s annoying when games tell you step-by-step what to do and how to do it. So when you need to save a guard from being electrocuted by a psycho the game hints at what to do but doesn’t say “climb onto the gargoyles to get behind him then glide down and knock him out.” You have to figure that out.

I’ve only made it to the part where you just get out of the asylum. The Joker has his guards everywhere. So I’m not sure where to go or what to do. I’m assuming I’m supposed to get off the island.

So far my only complaint about the game is the dialogue and speaking. I know Batman is hardcore and all but he shouldn’t be completely stiff when he speaks. It seems like there wasn’t much thought put into the way the characters speak. It’s just sort of awkward looking. And some of the things people say is stupid. Like when asking a guard about someone’s (I think the commissioner) whereabouts he says something like, “I saw someone being dragged away. I think it was him.” The guard seemed pretty unconcerned and he was just guessing. The guy I needed to find was a very well-known person and couldn’t be mistaken, but the guard could only guess? He was it happen!

Another thing that’s really not a big deal but I dislike is Harley Quinn’s outfit. I never was a fan of her full body jester suit but this? It doesn’t really match Mr. J (her name for The Joker) and isn’t cute. I like the idea of her corset and boots, but the micro skirt and sleeves are weird. Her corset doesn’t even reach the skirt and sleeves with a corset just doesn’t match. She looks like she’s just wearing some slutty, cheap last-minute Halloween costume, which maybe that’s what she wanted… And no I don’t have a problem with her having sex appeal. That’s in her character. My problem is she’s supposed to be child like too. I personally like her mix between the old and new, where she has on the corset and pants. Just makes more sense to me. But oh well.

imageI like The Joker’s outfit. It’s classic. And Batman’s is cool too. Super badass looking. Other than the underwear on the outside… I don’t know anyone who thinks that’s cool. It just makes me feel weird that a super hero runs around with black underwear on the outside of his costume. It’s 2014 (2009 when the game was released) so heroes need to stop looking like weirdos!

So the pros are:

  • Awesome gameplay
  • Overall good character designs
  • Different ways to do situations
  • You can solve riddles for more fun
  • You can find things like trophies and extra content

The cons:

  • Mediocre dialogue
  • Might get a little lost

Overall I really have to suggest this game (even though I haven’t played much). My husband played the entire game and found all the bonus content and he loved it. He finished it in three days but for me it’ll probably take a lot longer. Now I’m off to go play more!


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