Angels and Demons

She awoke at 3 am, drenched in sweat from the terror of a yet another nightmare. She was curled up, clinging to her pillow and back against the wall like usual. But this time something was different. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she soon realized the monster from her sleep state was in the real world now. It was sitting at the foot of her bed looking away.

She knew her eyes weren’t playing tricks. As she tried to let out a scream the mangled creature turned its head toward her. Its eyes were hollowed out and its flesh was a yellow, rotting color. It had patches of stringy hair. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t make a sound. Her voice was gone. It refused to let her say anything.

The creature then began to crawl its way up the bed. Slowly.

Its hands were stained red with blood. Its fingernails were dirty and filthy. Its fingertips were turning black from rot and grime. The creature was hideous and frightening. The girl wasn’t just afraid, she was paralyzed with absolute terror. All she could do was watch this ugly, decaying creature approach her. There was something otherworldly about this being. It wasn’t just scary to look at, it put off a feeling of death. She knew she couldn’t stand up to it alone. There was no hope for her.

The creature was now over her. It smiled and showed dirty pointed teeth. Its face was blurry and confusing somehow. She could see it perfectly, yet it didn’t fit into her memory. She couldn’t remember any real details about it. That’s when the creature bent its head down towards her neck. She felt it run its sharp teeth against her throat, its lips like cold leather. It was having fun.

She held her breath and closed her eyes as the creature was about to take her life. But it didn’t happen. She tried to open her eyes but there was a blinding light. She felt the weight of the creature lift off of her and heard a hissing sound, similar to boiling water. Even though her eyes were closed she had to throw her arms up. Behind the security of her arms, she dared to open her eyes. She couldn’t see anything except a brilliant white light. It was so warm, so lively. Yet it was calm and tranquil. A rush of positive emotions flooded her.

And then the light faded. She was left alone, thoughts running through her mind.

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