Demon Wolves

Something was wrong, I could feel it.

The night was dark. It was a new moon, and the power had gone out an hour ago. Normally, I wouldn’t be freaking out. But the usually loud suburb I lived in was now dead. This lack of life was foreshadowing the later events.

When the power first went out I had been scrolling through Facebook on my laptop, the living room TV droning in the background. I was really annoyed. Guess I would just get on my phone. The annoyance just grew when I couldn’t get a signal. The website I tried loading just read an error message and some numbers, meaning I was now bored.

I sat on the couch for a few more minutes then decided to go outside. The silence of a Saturday night was eerie. There were no dogs barking or people yelling. No loud music or cars running. The world seemed to be asleep or frozen. The air also felt heavy with something. What was it?

Over two hours later I figured out it was fear. Fear and anxiety. I had been locked away so I had no knowledge of the events outside. My little sister had only been home for a few minutes when things got bad. The screams were far away at first, but they grew closer. I heard cars driving too fast down the main road close by. My sister was so shaken up she didn’t take notice. She didn’t even speak to me. She was sitting on the couch with her knees pulled to her chest, arms tightly wrapped around her legs, and her head down. She was slightly rocking. When I tried getting her attention she only looked up with horrified eyes. As the sounds grew louder and more terrifying, I went back outside. I stood on the back porch and looked over the back fence. I wasn’t sure of what I was. But they were monsters.

Zombies and vampires would have been normal compared to the demon that stood in the next yard over. The creature resembled a large wolf. It appeared strong, its black shaggy fur barely hiding its muscles. It had fangs like a sabertooth and massive paws. Its strength wasn’t the scariest thing though. Neither was its lightening speed. The worst thing was the aura around it. Its red eyes burned into me like fire, its demon tail wagging as if it were happy. Black smoke rolled across the ground it walked on. I realized it was burning the grass. I had never felt like this. I didn’t just fear for my life, but for my soul.

The dog didn’t follow me as I ran inside. I heard a window break in the house next door. There was a scream but it was shortly silenced. My sister was still sitting on the couch. “Get up!” I yelled at her. She solemnly looked at me, tears on her cheeks. She wasn’t going to get up on her own so I pulled her up. I practically dragged her out the door and to the car. I unlocked the door. I pushed her through to the passengers side then climbed in myself. As I started the car I spotted a demon dog appearing from the side of our house. It burned prints into the grass as it walked. I quickly started driving, tires squealing on the pavement.

I didn’t check to see if the demon followed.

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