The Voices – Short Story

She laid her head down, the voices in her head messing with her thoughts.

They said nasty things usually. They would cuss at her, call her names. They’d tell her to do things that weren’t rational. They wanted to harm her beyond repair. But there was one voice that was different. It gave her hope and kept her alive. This voice was louder than the rest. When it spoke to her the others quieted down in what seemed like respect, or maybe fear. It was very odd.

None of the voices were identifiable though. They were all genderless, emotionless. They had no accent or tone to them. Their words just appeared in her mind. That just added to the agony.

She closed her eyes, the bad voices growing louder. She heard one cackle, another giggle. One was spewing out a string of curses and hateful words. Another went on about how the world hated the girl. There were so many more, but they all became a mix. The girl could only pick out words and phrases every so often.

The voices continued to grow in intensity. They started to roar. Suddenly, there was a pain in her head. The girl opened her eyes and clutched her ears, tears welling up in her eyes and a scream building in her throat. She rolled to her side and curled up. But the pain was unbearable. She let out a long cry and rolled again, this time she hit the floor.

As soon as she felt the cold hardwood against her face, they all stopped and the pain subsided. She felt the presence of the one good voice. It seemed to be muttering something.

The girl closed her eyes once again and pulled the blankets tightly around her. She didn’t feel like crawling back into bed.

The voice slowly spoke to her, it’s words mixing into her exhaustion and becoming lost. It seemed like only a second. But then it was morning. The soft light came through the window and she heard bird chirping.

If only she could enjoy it.

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