Sakura Clicker – The Addicting Game I Should Probably Deny Playing – For 18+


I decided to play this game for the heck of it. The only thing I knew about the game was that it showed a lot, and I mean a lot, of almost naked chicks. Every monster character is  wearing a bikini or bathing suit type thing or skin type clothing.

The main purpose of the game is to click for gold. It’s kind of like those mobile clicking games you see all the time. Except here, there are almost naked girls and when you click you’re dealing damage to them. You start off in the tens and can work your way past the trillions. You also start out with one character who clicks to attack. Every other ally you buy auto attacks.

So basically, you start with nothing and work your way up. You fight/click girls for gold. You upgrade yourself and your allies in order to get farther. You can also customize your character a little bit. And after you’re done playing through the first time you can rebirth and do it all again (it gives you rebirth tokens to use for special upgrades).

As ashamed as I am, I am addicted to this game now. I kind of wish there was a 18 and under option (with fully clothed girls) but hey, they’re still really cute. Get it on Steam today!





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