Hell Hound Horror Story

His eyes filled with tears, the horror of the situation setting in.

“No…no….” He repeated as he collapsed to his knees, “No…”

He took her cold hand and peered at her lifeless, contorted body. She was sprawled across the floor in an obviously painful way, her arms and legs bent at broken angles. She was still wearing her school uniform but it was now stained with blood and ripped apart around her torso. Her intestines were exposed.

Bile filled his mouth and he quickly turned away from her dead body. He stopped wrenching but the smell was overbearing.

When he finally stopped he began stumbling out of the room, but he paused in the doorway and began sobbing. He glanced over his shoulder and took one last look at her. His insides felt as bad as she looked, twisted and in agony. Why now? We were supposed to be safe.

He ran from the apartment and out of the building. Everything was blurry. But he kept going. He didn’t pay any attention to anything. He didn’t want to. He wanted to be numb, to forget the pain he felt. He didn’t want to imagine what creature had began eating his girlfriend alive. He didn’t want to think about her last moments.

So he didn’t. He just ran.

He ran for hours and didn’t stop until his body was completely exhausted. He hit the ground hard as he blacked out.


He woke up feeling groggy and empty. Why am I feeling so awful? Why- He stopped thinking when he realized he wasn’t alone.

A black dog with glowing red eyes stood above him. It’s eyes burned into him, almost literally. He knew the creature was more powerful than him. He knew he was going to die. It had hunted him down for a reason.

The young man didn’t have time to even scream before the Hell hound began to attack. It sunk it’s razored teeth into his neck, blood pouring across the pavement. A few more times and it was done. The dog seemed to smirk as it stood above him. It enjoyed killing viciously. It enjoyed the fear its victims felt.

And the young man definitely felt fear in his last moments.

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