Mori Kei: The Basic Guidelines


Mori kei is a beautiful fashion style that can be described with so many words. Whimsical. Unique. Earthy. But what exactly does this Japanese style look like? Well, it’s very lenient but it has several basic rules. Actually they’re more like guidelines than strict rules, after all this is a very relaxed style. So here’s the basics…


  • Comfort

Comfort is absolutely the most important thing in mori. If you’re not comfortable wearing something, don’t wear it. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes that will blister your feet. Don’t wear skirts if you prefer pants. This is a style that is comfortable and very versatile. So find what you’re comfortable in and go with it. Beauty is not pain here.


  • Layers


Notice how in the picture to the left the person is wearing several visible skirts. This is a very mori aspect. Several skirts or petticoats are layered underneath the main skirt to give it a lacy and whimsical effect.

Layers are also incorporated through cardigans and sweaters. There’s usually a main dress with a few sweaters over it. This gives the person wearing mori a bit of a shapeless look. However, you can achieve more of a shape by wearing a belt across your waist, wearing a high waist skirt with the shirt tucked in, or by leaving out the sweaters and layering with other items instead (scarves, vests, etc).

Even though layers are a main component of this fashion, layers can be toned down or even omitted during warmer months. You can add lace/fabric to the bottom of your skirts to make it look as if you have another skirt underneath. Heavy tops can be switched out for lace cardigans and shawls. Boots can be changed for sandals. If you don’t like sweating, don’t! Be comfortable at all times.

  • Accessories

In most every fashion style, accessories make the outfit. In 8c876018fcb8fc24fc747936636dd809mori it’s no different. Jewelry, scarves, socks, arm warmers, and bags are just a few possible choices. There’s an endless possibility to what you can pair with mori. Vintage, antique, secondhand, or handmade items are huge favorites in this community. Carry a large bag to store all of your crafts in while on the go. Wear your favorite bug resin necklace. Put on a handmade scarf. It’s all up to you really. It’s also really fun to accessorize yourself with items you’ve made or fixed up. You get to be crafty and wear something you’ve made. But of course, it’s not necessary.

  • Earth Tones

If it’s a color found in nature, you can wear it. Of course, you don’t want to wear too much of a bright color or too many bright colors. Mimic nature. If you want to do, say, a red tulip inspired outfit try wearing a lot of greens and browns with your accents being red. This could be done by buying a beige skirt/dress with a red tulip print, a brown dress with a red shirt underneath, or wearing accessories with tulips on them (a tulip broach, a tulip print on a scarf, red socks, etc). Your best bet would just to spend some time in the forest and draw inspiration from what you see around you.


Although not complicated, mori kei does have a few key points. But as said before this style is so versatile that some points can be omitted or changed for the sake of comfort. Some subsets omit certain points as well, like hama kei is themed around the ocean and can be fully blue or dark mori is gothic themed and is fully black.

But always remember the main rule, be comfy! And stay happy!


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