Short Writings

She looked so beautiful in such an innocent way, like a spring bud just beginning to bloom. Her lips were plump and perfectly pink. Her cheeks were rosy. Her eyes such a stunning pastel blue shaded by near black lashes. Her hair glistened golden in the light. Physically she was the perfect girl next door type.

So innocent. So naive. So outgoing, trustworthy.

Unfortunately for everyone she came in contact with, she wasn’t any of that. In her mind she was ruthless and cunning, undermining and incredibly ingenious with her master plans. She felt no remorse when she took out her targets. She didn’t think twice about betrayal. She didn’t even blink when backstabbing someone, figuratively and literally.

And now she was working on her greatest con yet: having one of the most powerful men in the world fall for her. So far it was working.

All she really had to do was bat her pretty little lashes and show a little skin then everything went her way. Men were so easy to fool. They followed her, drooling and begging. And she loved every single minute of it. Unless she had to actually do something for them to win them over. Of course she didn’t feel anything over it but she hated the emotional mess involved in sex. They’d say it was just a one time thing but they’d get so invested. It was such a hassle to fake so many emotions. And the amount of gifts to throw away. Ugh.

Her current job was long term like she hated, but it wasn’t as bad as she first thought. Her target enjoyed intellectual pursuits so most evenings were spent talking rather than getting sexually involved. She found herself enjoying such an evening.

“See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It just wouldn’t work,” the lovely woman picked up her glass of champagne, thoroughly enjoying their discussion on economics.

“Now, if it was tweaked just a bit it just might. Maybe more of an… open system?” A gorgeous man sat across the small table from her. He was everything every woman loved the look at. Tanned skin, dark hair, rippling muscle. And his beautiful grey eyes. They were piercing yet subtle. He nearly killed anyone who looked at him just by how amazing he looked. And of course he knew. That was subtle too though. He was confident yet approachable. He was never arrogant or rude. Which definitely added to the amazement.

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