Thoughts of love

A summer thunderstorm. Dark clouds that look so ominous but the swirling is beautiful. The quick lightning and the crack of thunder. The warm rain that hits my face. My clothes get soaked but the heat makes me not mind. I welcome the feeling of water running down my arms. The way the air is charged with electricity. The heat that settles down as water washes it away. The way we laugh as we jump in puddles and splash each other. Stealing quick kisses. Holding your hand. Feeling safe as you hold me in your arms and twirl me around. Lighthearted dancing and wide smiles.

The soft silence between us as we listen to music in your car. Simple love songs and instrumentals. Neither one of us prepared to speak a word and kill the silence. The occasional shy smile at each other. Holding your hand that’s resting on my thigh. The energy flowing around us is calm and secure and content. I gently kiss your hand. I trace circles and lines across your dark skin.

I feel your lips touch mine and I feel your anxiety. We’re in your room. I feel you shaking. All I want to do is make sure you feel as safe as I do. My arms around your neck, I kiss you without any worries. I feel a spark. Hope and affection. The heat of your skin on mine. The contrast of us together. My pale cheeks turn pink. Your dark eyes fill with lust and understanding. No pressure from either of us. We take it slow. Occasionally we pause to breath. Your lips are wet on my neck and my voice hushed and urgent.

Softly whispering three simple words. And feelings of security and safety. You’re my sun, my stars, my sky. Something that I need so desperately in my life yet something I genuinely enjoy having around. The warmth of you. Your happiness. I just hope you see me just as equal as I see you.

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