I deserve his love

I think of you and no longer cry. I stand tall and proud with who I’ve grown to be without you. The years of pain you put me through, gone. You convinced me I was unlovable and worthless. Yet here a real man stands next to me now and tells me I am beautiful. He didn’t convince me of anything, just helped me wipe away the lies I had been forced to believe.

He tells me I am unique and one of a kind just as you did, yet in a very different way. Instead of scoffing at my qualities he celebrates them. He sees my smile and points out how silly I am just as you once did, yet in his eyes he holds mirth and happiness. Your eyes were cold and unloving, harsh and untrusting. He sees me when I’m vulnerable and raw and he doesnt press the issue. So I open up. You would punish me when I didn’t communicate. He sees my tears and asks if he can wipe them away, “Is that okay?” You would get in my face and laugh, “Are those even real?”

He doesnt leave bruises on my heart or on my arms. He gives me the space I need without question or pulls me towards him when I want it. He asks before he takes a step forward and lets me take the lead. He treats me with respect and calls me his queen. Theres honesty and trust and so much love.

I am deserving of this love and affection. I am beautiful and unique. I am not a challenge or something to be conquered or won. I am me. And I am deserving of everything good. And I deserve this amazing man.

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