your name

A rose by any other name would never be just as sweet. Your name is the name that I hold the most dear.

A name holds power. It describes everything that someone is and everything they are. It’s full of meaning and full of emotion. Either full of life or bearing a curse.

Your aura is soft and caring, optimistic and hopeful. Yet realistic and rigid, proud and honest. I look up to your for being so strong. I respect you for being so kind. I admire your ability to feel emotions so freely. I want to say you’re everything I’m not but you’ve shown me that I am everything I see in you, just hidden away behind the hurt I’ve felt.

And everything that you are is reflected in your name. How could I speak such power? How could I feel it on my tongue and let it go? Yet I can’t hold it back either. I feel a compulsion to say your name, taste the beauty of it just as I’ve tasted your lips against mine. I want the intimacy that saying your name brings. The comfort. The warmth.

The warmth of your name is the sun. It keeps my world alive. And I am your moon. Mysterious and ever changing.

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